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The mighty Mekong, one of the biggest rivers of the world, flows into Southern Vietnam after running across five countries with all its ending tributaries, so-called the “nine dragons” or Cuu Long in Vietnamese, describing its power and spiritual significance to the Viet people. With pleasant climate and extremely fertile land, the Mekong makes Southern Vietnam the biggest granary of the country and makes Vietnam the 2nd world rice exporter after Thailand. The tributaries of the Mekong highway provide a comprehensive network of canals and channels, on which small motor or row-boats are the best methods to travel in the region, yet they are the main mean to explore the area better than any vehicles. Nowadays, tourists coming to the Mekong delta can choose between a short excursion of one day away from Saigon, approaching the floating wholesale markets in the very early morning to enjoy its unique fascination, tasting seasonal fresh fruits, or stay one or two nights at homestay addresses in Vinh Long, Can Tho, Sa Dec, etc. to really mingle with the locals and share their hard-working but content life.

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